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VivaVideo is an app that allows you to make and upload videos in a few simple steps. VivaVideo For iPhone is designed for iOS devices, so it’s easy to use, and even more importantly, the mobile-optimized design will give your video that high quality looks upon uploading.

There are many features available for users of this app, including editing tools such as filters, colour adjustments or backgrounds; adding text captions and voiceovers; various file formats- MP4 (video) and GIFs (animated images); ability to share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; VivaVideo Pro version which includes advanced features such as face swap & time-lapse recording.


What Is VivaVideo For iPhone?

It is a video editing application for iOS devices.

It is mobile optimized for easy and quick use on iPhone. There are many features available to users, such as editing tools, text captions, voiceovers. VivaVideo Pro includes advanced features like face swap & time-lapse recording.

The app is designed for iOS devices, making it convenient for people who only have iPhone with them.

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Features Of VivaVideo For iPhone

Editing Tools

There are many editing tools that you can use to edit your video by cutting, trimming and adding text captions to create a professional-looking video. You can also choose different effects like black or white backgrounds, backdrops from photos taken on the device, slow motion and other special effects.

Text Captions

Users can add text captions to their videos which can be used for different purposes, such as subtitles or lyrics from a song being played in the background. Text size, colour and position of captioning on-screen is adjustable by users.

Voice Overs & Background Music

Users can make voiceovers to their videos or add background music. These audio enhancements make VivaVideo For iPhone stand out from other video making apps.

Trendy Aesthetics

When you make a video, it will be better if you use trendy filters. You can change the video to look like other things with the tap of your finger or make it look like rain on a window or snow. You can also add special effects and choose from different ones like rainbow, rain, thunder or flames.

Edit Music

You can also edit the music of your video. VivaVideo For iPhone comes with popular songs that you can choose from to make a perfect fit for your video. This app is not only good for making videos, but it’s also great if you want to have fun while doing so!

Includes Stickers And Text

You can also choose from different stickers and text to make your video more interesting.
Customize your video with words and stickers. Caption the terms of a speaking video. Express yourself with words and choose from our hundreds of fonts, styles, colours, and animated text. Add flexibility to your edits by editing each frame with precision.

Make Multimedia Collages

The creation of multimedia collages is a great way to showcase the video or audio files you have. VivaVideo For iPhone lets you combine these different types in your project, saving and editing together as one file.

Tutorials For Learning VivaVideo For iPhone

Viva Video is simple and easy to use, but we know it may be hard for some new people to the app. We have created tutorials that will help you master VivaVideo For iPhone in no time!

Share Your Video On Social Media

The VivaVideo For iPhone team has created a platform specifically to share your video creations with others. With just one tap, your videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and others.

How To Download And Install Viva Video On MAC?

You have to follow the below steps to download VivaVideo For iPhone

    • VivaVideo For iPhone is available in the Apple App Store. To download VivaVideo For iPhone, click on this link:

How to use VIVA Video – Tutorials For Beginners

To get started with VivaVideo For iPhone, you need to create a project first. Tap “Create Project” and select from any of your saved videos or audio files that are on your device. Once all your clips are loaded onto the timeline, tap each one individually to change their order by tapping again at the bottom right corner of the pin. You want to move, then drag it into position over where you want it with other clips on the timeline. You can also shuffle them around by clicking the “Shuffle” button present at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are happy with your order, tap on “Export” and select either MP4 or MOV format to export it as per your preference for playback on any device, including VIVA Video For iPhone.

The MP4 format is excellent for sharing on social networks like Facebook, while MOV is best if you want a high-quality video to upload onto YouTube. You can also choose from HD 720P or Full HD 1080p quality depending upon how big an audience you intend this video for. Tap “Export” once again when done and then continue editing by tapping “Create Project”.

FAQ Of VivaVideo


Viva Video for iPhone offers high-quality video production with an easy to use interface. If you want a professional-looking video that will make your YouTube channel stand out, then this app is perfect for you.
Now it is your turn to download the app and use it. If you have any doubt, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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